Friday, September 15, 2006

Shooting rats in the dump

I just finished reading the poem Shooting Rats a the Bibb County Dump. I look at it as people who have been drinking and decide to ride through the dump killing the rats that are in the dump. To me, it seems like people who do things like that do it because they feel that rats aren't important to the enviroment so they probably think get rid of them because they're no use. As I was reading the poem, the imagery that I came up with was a truck full of people with their beverages being like how people act after they've been drinking and decided to ride through the county dump and run over rats because they're helpless and because there's so many of them around that particaular area. That was the picture that I got while reading it.


Blogger Bizzy8 said...

Sup Terri?I like the imagery of the drunks and rats. It makes you wonder who does that anyway huh? Well just wanted to say hi. Esgo:ge:ae'!!

9:37 PM  

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